MMA Matting is the UK’s leading manufacturer of Martial Arts Mats, we have supplied many MMA centres across the UK with various different mats that are suitable for both training and competition levels. Our MMA Mats have a smooth but hard wearing PVC top surface which helps cut down dramatically on friction burns whilst still offering the grip that is required for your feet. We can also manufacture bespoke mats to fit your centre, click here to see some examples of clubs and sporting events we have supplied products to.

We have a range of MMA Mats available, below is more information on each type of mat so you can choose which suits your requirements the best.


Promat Superlight Fitness Mat

The new Promat Superlight Training and Fitness Mat is designed for intense individual exercise and fitness as it is constructed from heavy duty reinforced PVC with a high density combustion modified recycled chipfoam centre.

An additional reinforced latex anti-slip base gives superior durability and prevents the mat from slipping when in use. Additionally, the mat is perfect for those looking for a hard wearing and easily transportable fitness training aid. The superlight Fitness Mat ideal for a whole range of Martial Arts disciplines such as: Judo, Karate, Taekwondo, Mixed Martial arts, and many others.

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Promat Multi-purpose Gym Foam Mat

The Promat Multi-Purpose Gym Foam Mats are an ideal floor covering for exercise areas or for individual use, also containing an anti-slip base making the mats extremely durable for all sports.

These foam mats are specially designed to withstand impact, and general wear and tear from shoes and fitness equipment. Constructed from heavy duty reinforced PVC and high density combustion modified recycled chipfoam, they are ideal for clubs and leisure centres and are manufactured to the highest standard. The multi-purpose foam mats are ideal for aerobics, yoga, pilates, general fitness and MMA.

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Promat MMA Mat

The Promat MMA Mat is designed specifically for martial arts use and will withstand tough wear and tear from weapons, shoes and fitness equipment. The mats are ideal for both training and competitions.

Produced from high density combustion modified rebond foam the mat is manufactured to meet the high standards the IJF requires, featuring a new design with a smooth surface. It is manufactured from a polyester PVC for added strength and durability, and to help prevent burns. The MMA Mats are ideal for a range of Martial Arts disciplines including: Aikido, Judo, Ju-Jitsu, Kung Fu, Mixed Martial arts, and many more as well as other athletics sports.

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