About Us

MMA Matting is the UK’s leading mixed martial arts mat manufacturer and equipment supplier.

Established in 2006, MMA Matting has over 40 years combined industry experience in sports safety matting. We have fast become the UK’s leading manufacturer of mixed martial art mats and equipment. Through extensive knowledge and expertise we have designed and created a full range of durable, safe and high quality martial arts mats that are suitable for both training and competition levels. Our versatile mats can be applied to a number of martial arts including Judo, Karate, MMA, Kick Boxing and Taekwondo.

Each foam mat is designed with a specific martial art in mind. This ensures that our customers are fully satisfied with the quality of our products and receive the most suitable mat for individual purpose. If you’re looking for an all-rounder, our bespoke PROMATrange of martial arts mats is particularly versatile and is suitable for all martial arts disciplines.

Our professional range of mats includes jigsaw mats, lightweight training mats, competition mats and crash mats. We also stock a range of additional products including storage trolleys, Bruce Lee Fitness equipment, boxing ring covers and bespoke DOJOs.

At MMA Matting, we pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service to all of our clients. Offering specialist martial arts products to an exceptional standard, at competitive prices. The quality, value and durability of our products are key to our continued success and growth. At MMA Matting, our experienced team are always available to take any inquiries or quotes for bespoke martial arts equipment.

All of our martial arts mats are manufactured to BSI standards.For more information on our range of foam mats please contact us today.