Below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding our martial arts mats. If you require any further information please feel free to contact us.


Who uses martial arts mats and what for?

Our range of Martial Arts mats are used by everyone from complete beginners to international martial artists. They are used at club, regional, national and international training and competition arenas. Our range of mats can be used for control and restraint purposes as used by the Police, Prison and Special National Health Services. They are also commonly used by Schools, Colleges, Universities, Leisure Centres, Sports Centres, Private Clubs and many more.

How do you install Martial Arts Mats?

All of our martial arts mats are easy to install and can be laid down on most surfaces. Some of our more larger mats will require more than one person people for installation. This information, including the weight of the mat, can be found in the product description. For additional safety please refer to our Safe System of Work – Lifting Mats.

Jigsaw mats can be easily cut and shaped for a custom fit around awkward areas. If you need to do this please allow for more mats when ordering to allow for waste. The mats can be cut using a stanley knife or a utility knife and a straight edge by a responsible adult. When cutting the mats leave at least a 6mm gap between the mat and the wall for any expansion and mat  tolerance`s. For your safety please ensure you follow a Safe System of Work.

If you are unsure about installation why not talk to our customer services? Our team will offer you a competitive quote for our fully trained Installation Team to do it for you.

Do the MMA Mats require the surface to be prepared before the mats are laid down?

The MMA Mats don’t require any special preparation of surfaces prior to installation.  A clean, dirt free surface area is ideal. Simple installation means little effort is needed, all you need to do is decide where to place the mats. You can lay directly on to concrete sports halls, hardwood parquet floors, wooden floorboards, existing carpet, short grass, patios, decking etc. Mats can also be laid outside for short periods of time. Please note they should never be left outside permanently.

Can the mats be placed over carpet?

If you want to place the mats on carpet, you need to be aware that the carpet acts as a layer of air. This means there is a possibility of the mats slipping which could be a hazard to you or the user. We advise that if laying the mat on a carpet surface, it is best to stick the mats down with a suitable removable tape.

What about under floor heating?

Although mats can be used on heated floors we recommend finding alternative flooring for permanent installations. To prevent warped surfaces and condensation damage, please ensure to leave room for expansion/contraction of floor mats and do not seal air-tight.

What can affect the mats performance?

A slippy surface, such as a highly polished floor will increase the possibility of the mat moving. In this instance we recommend mats with an anti-slip base. Please note none of our mats are offered as slip proof. The only sure way to prevent mats slipping is to permanently secure in place with a fixed border/baton or bond the mats to the floor.

The composition of the floor can also affect the mat performance e.g. what lies beneath the surface: A floor with a semi sprung or fully sprung undercarriage will give more support for throwing onto the mat as the springs under the floor will absorb some of the shock.

Do you offer a fitting service?

Yes. We offer a professional fitting service on request. Most of our DOJOs require professional fitting. In some cases a site visit prior to manufacture will also be needed.



Will the mats support heavy equipment?

This depends entirely on the type of mat you would like to purchase. Some of our mats support heavy weights and equipment. If you have a specific concern about the type of mat you require, please contact our customer services who will advise you on which mat is the most suitable for your needs.

Will the mats hold up to foot traffic?

Yes! Our mats are manufactured to the highest standard using hard-wearing, durable materials. They are designed to withstand everyday use with or without shoes. However, stilettos or very pointed heels will pierce, indent or mark the mats permanently!

How long do they last?

Always a hard one… It depends on how often the mat is used , the number of people using them and the level care they are given. Mats should be stored in a suitable area to avoid damage and never be dragged along the floor when handling.

Will bending the mats affect the performance?

Yes, this affects all martial arts mats that have surfaces bonded to foam. It causes delamination, which means the glue that is holding the top and bottom surface to the foam core is weakened and eventually the surfaces will not be fully bonded to the foam core.

Mat trolleys help increase life expectancy and performance as it reduces the amount of handling. There will always be some bending and flexing of the mat. That’s why our team of professionals have designed and manufactured our range of mats with MMA in mind.

If you have any questions contact our customer services team.

How hard are your Martial Art Mats?

We offer different types of mats for different Martial Art Sports. Please select carefully. If you would like some advice please contact us and a member of our team will be happy to help.

For example with Promat Judo Mats & Promat Martial Art Mats we combine cushioning with hardness to absorb impact, and make break falling enjoyable for novices and advanced martial artists.They are firm enough to give the required support and not bottom out on heavy throws. They also offer minimal surface deflection when turning preventing rotational wear and injuries on joints, ligaments and tendons that softer mats may cause.

Are the mats waterproof?

Jigsaw mats & Roll-Out mats are waterproof and will not absorb water as they are constructed from closed cell foam. All other mats can be cleaned with water but are not waterproof..

How are the mats cleaned?

The regular cleaning and disinfecting of mats for wrestling, tumbling, martial arts and gymnastics also wall padding, and vinyl-covered surfaces of exercise and weight training equipment is a critical deterrent to the spread of skin infections

The following guidelines are recommended for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces that are used regularly in organized sports activities.1. Mats should be cleaned regularly and we recommend you clean your mats after use.2. Only use warm water with a mild antibacterial detergent3. Use cloths, sponges, mops, and buckets that are reserved for this purpose only.4. Thoroughly clean and rinse equipment after each use; allow to air dry.5. Do not use abrasive scrubbing tools6. Wipe up any spills as soon as possible.7. Effective spot cleaning when blood is present is required to reduce the risk of indirect transmission of bloodborne pathogens such as hepatitis B8. Pay particular attention to the edges of mats that are placed together to form larger playing surfaces. Dirt and excess cleaning solution will collect in these joints.9.Mats permanently laid down should be uplifted on a regular basis to clean the floor underneath the mats.10.Damaged surfaces cannot be properly cleaned or disinfected; immediately discontinue their use. Replace surfaces that cannot be effectively resurfaced, patched, or repaired.


Are the mats safe?

All of our bonded mats are manufactured to British Safety Standards BS EN 12503-3:2001 Sports Mats, Judo Mats, safety requirements and Flame Retardant tested to BS 1892-3: 2003 “HIGH HAZARD” classification.

Our Jigsaw mats have been tested for Compliance with European Standard on Safety of Toys EN71 Part 1:1998 Mechanical and Physical Properties EN 71 Part 2:1993. Flammability of Toys and EN 71 Part 3: Migration of Certain Elements.

As a company MMA Matting meets the quality demands set by B EN ISO 9001; 2001. We are also registered to BS EN ISO 14001.



Are items in stock?

The majority of our mats are manufactured to order, so although we will always endeavor to get your order dispatched asap, our standard lead-times will vary from 1-3 weeks. This maybe extended during busy periods.

We will not give delivery notifications unless specifically asked.

Can I get samples?

Yes, please contact us to request samples. Handling samples are free of charge. Other items will be chargeable.

Can I collect?
Yes, MMA Matting is located in Ashton, Greater Manchester. Simply ring our Customer Services to arrange a suitable collection time.

Do you have locations around the country?

No, but we distribute our products all around the country and offshore using National Carriers.



I wish to return the product?

Please see our returns policy section in Terms and Conditions which is on the bottom of our home page.

All information above is advisory only and not intended as a legal statement. No liability is accepted.