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  • 12004934_317481821709023_663639444003368227_n

    Promat Wall Pads

    £78.75£136.50 (inc. VAT £94.50)
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  • Square Post Pads

    Square Post Pads

    From: £45.36 (inc. VAT £60.48)
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  • Promat Crash Mats

    Promat Crash Mats

    £125.00£335.00 (inc. VAT £150.00)
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  • Promat Black Red 20mm Jigsaw Mat_SQ_COLOURCHNSSSSSS

    Promat 30mm Red/Black Jigsaw Mats – Standard Finish

    From: £15.00 (inc. VAT £20.40)
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  • Contest MMA Mat

    Promat Contest MMA Mat

    £61.74£102.90 (inc. VAT £74.09)
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  • Competition Judo Mats

    Promat Competition Judo Mat

    £57.33£97.65 (inc. VAT £68.80)
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  • BlueRed smooyj_SQ_FINIFHESDF

    Promat 40mm Red/Blue Jigsaw Mats – Standard Finish

    From: £19.00 (inc. VAT £25.20)
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  • Roll Out Mat Connect

    Promat PVC Tatami Roll Out Mat Connect

    £201.00£785.00 (inc. VAT £241.20)
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MMA Matting: The Martial Arts Mats Manufacturer.

MMA Matting is the UK’s leading manufacturer of Martial Arts Mats. We manufacture and supply Martial Arts Mats for a number of Martial Arts disciplines, including Judo, Karate, Mixed Martial Arts, Taekwondo, Ju-jitsu and many more at competitive prices.

mma-promat-matsOur extensive range of mats includes our specially branded Promat range which are manufactured in the UK. The Promat range offers high quality mats at affordable prices, including jigsaw mats, crash mats, competition mats and judo mats just to name a few. All Promat mats meet the UK and EU mat safety requirements.

Our martial arts mats are used in Clubs throughout the UK and we are a preferred supplier to a number of UK events including FCCMMA and Grapple Nation. Please give us a call if you need any further help or advice and our sales team will be more than happy to discus your specific needs.