Get the best equipment. Just lease it.



In need of new matting for your dojo, but struggling to raise the cash?! Why not think of leasing?



  • A useful tool for businesses looking to acquire new assets
  • Spreading the cost over regular, fixed repayments over an agreed term
  • Usually between three to five years


Why lease your fitness equipment with Johnson Reed?

  • Increase your profitability – maintain your working capital and put it to use in other more profitable ways
  • Help your cash flow – get new equipment now without affecting your cash reserves
  • Afford the best quality – have the very latest equipment
  • Pay as you use – spread the cost across the working life of your equipment (i.e. over three to five years)
  • Tax allowable – rentals are fully tax-deductible
  • Upgrade equipment – simply upgrade equipment or extend its current usage
  • Plan your budgets – FD’s love to know repayments are fixed
  • Simple direct debit – one rental can include all equipment and additional costs i.e. installation and training
  • Keep your credit lines intact – leasing doesn’t affect any of your existing credit lines
  • Flexible buyout – easy end of term buyout


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