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MMA Wall Padding & Wall Mats

If you run a martial arts club or train at home, you’ll know how important it is to keep safe and injury free. As much as floor matting is important to soften your landing, wall mats are often required too to protect students and practitioners from injuring themselves when training. This is especially relevant in grappling arts, such as BJJ and wrestling, as well as throwing arts such as Judo and Sambo.

MMA Matting are proud suppliers of wall padding in the UK, having supplied countless martial arts dojos, clubs and home setups with great high quality wall padding and wall mats over the years.

We manufacturer all of our MMA wall mats at our factory in Greater Manchester. We use only the best quality foams and materials to ensure a great, long-lasting product.

Fixing Methods include:

  • Bonding – pads are supplied with no backing allowing the pads to be stuck to the wall with a strong adhesive
  • Velcro Only – Pads are supplied with loop Velcro on the back. Customer to fix their own hook Velcro to the wall for fixing
  • Velcro Battens – As above, but pads come with plywood batons that have hook velcro stapled to them. Customer will need to screw these batons to the wall
  • Brackets – pads are supplied with 6mm plywood backing which allows the pads to be screwed to the wall using wall brackets

Whether you need wall padding for gyms, sports halls, your garage, room or dojo, our foam wall padding panels are suitable to keep your students protected when training. Discounts are available for bulk orders.

Bespoke Wall Mats Printed With Your Logo

Why not reinforce your branding by having your club logo printed on the wall mats for a truly bespoke training space. You can have your logo printed on however many wall mat panels you require.

Should you have any further queries about our martial arts wall padding, contact us today.