Wrestling Mats

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  • Vinyl Mat Cover

    Call for Price
  • Promat 40mm Grey/Black Jigsaw Mats – Standard Finish

    From: £19.00 (inc. VAT £25.20)
  • Roll Out Mat Connect

    Promat PVC Tatami Roll Out Mat Connect

  • Promat PVC Smooth Roll Out Mats

  • roll out mats

    Promat PVC Tatami Roll Out Mats

  • Tatami Tape Roll Out Mat

    Permanent Self Adhesive Tatami Tape

  • Round Post Pads

    Round Post Pads

    From: £55.44
  • Square Post Pads

    Square Post Pads

    From: £45.36
  • Club MMA Mat

    Promat Club BJJ Mat

  • Promat 40mm Red/Blue Jigsaw Mats – Standard Finish

    From: £19.00 (inc. VAT £25.20)
  • Promat 40mm Blue/Red Jigsaw Mats – Tatami Finish

    From: £19.00 (inc. VAT £25.20)
  • slam mats

    Slam Mats

  • Promat 40mm Jigsaw Mats - BlueYellow

    Promat 40mm Blue/Yellow Jigsaw Mats – Tatami Finish

    From: £19.00 (inc. VAT £25.20)
  • Promat 40mm Green/Red Jigsaw Mats – Tatami Finish

    From: £19.00 (inc. VAT £25.20)
  • Contest MMA Mat

    Promat Contest BJJ Mat

  • Fitted DOJO Mats

  • Promat Crash Mats - Blue

    Promat Crash Mats

  • Promat Wall Pads


Wrestling Mats For Sale

Whether you train Olympic wrestling, Freestyle, Greco-Roman, Catch wrestling or Combat Submission Wrestling, you’ll need comfortable mats to help soften the impact when breaking down and taking down an opponent.

MMA Matting are wrestling mat UK manufacturers, providing high quality mats under our Promat brand that can withstand the intense usage of the grappling arts.

We supply a range of mats that are suitable for wrestling practice including jigsaw mats and BJJ mats. A more recent addition to the market are roll out wrestling mats which are perfect for clubs or individuals that don’t have a permanent training space and need to store the mats when not in use. These roll out mats do exactly that; they can be rolled out to wrestle on and rolled up and stored when not being used. They’re also easier to transport to different venues.

Whether you’re practicing single leg takedowns or working pins and submissions, our mats are fit for the job.

Contact MMA Matting today to discuss your requirements or purchase online. We also offer an optional fitting service that incorporates the installation of mats, wall padding and post padding at your wrestling club.