Judo Sprung Floor

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  • Totally Bespoke Service Offered
  • See Video of Installation Here
  • Increases floor shock absorption properties which helps reduce the risk of injury
  • Sprung Floor can be used in conjunction with our Judo Mats, MMA Mats and Roll Out Mats
  • Wide range of colours and Full installation service available
  • To receive a quote email us at sales@mmamatting.co.uk or call us on 0161 214 8750

MMA Matting is now able to offer a full Judo sprung floor.

All of our Judo Sprung Floors are totally bespoke and designed to fit your own Dojo. Foam blocks or power springs are topped with a layer of plywood sheets that are connected together by hook and look to keep them in place.  Judo Mats, MMA Mats or Roll Out Mats are then placed on top in order to give the best fighting area available.

The springiness of the floor helps to dissipate energy across the floor, which gives better shock absorption properties and thus helps reduce injury during take downs

Springs and Foams Blocks can be sold separately

To receive a quote today email us at sales@mmamatting.co.uk or call us on 0161 214 8750.

Double plywood system is layered on top of each other