Vinyl Mat Cover

For Larger Covers than specified, please contact the office to discuss

Vinyl Mat Cover For Martial Arts

  • Vinyl Mat Covers are ideal for MMA, BJJ, Jiu-Jitsu and a wide range of other martial arts
  • Can be produced to various size and shapes
  • Produced using a Smooth Heavy duty 610gsm PVC
  • Vinyl covers are very durable and can be produced in various colours
  • Can be fixed using various methods such as battening are screwing down to the floor through eyelets
  • Install available on request

Many gyms opt for vinyl mat covers for their training areas to provide a smooth, one-piece surface which is easier to maintain and clean after a training session. Having a vinyl mat cover fitted also reduces the risk of damage to the mats underneath, helping to prevent rips and tears and ultimately prolonging the life of your mats.

Our martial arts, vinyl mat covers are manufactured in the UK using heavy-duty reinforced vinyl and are available in any size and a variety of colour options to match your gym’s theme. Our covers are offered with several finished options, depending on how you plan on securing the cover.

MMA Matting can provide an installation service for the vinyl mat covers to ensure the perfect fit for your gym or dojo.